Two Of Suzy’s Shawls In Process

Suzy’s wool for a new shawl.

As I wrote yesterday Suzy is working on some new shawls.  She sent me these photos of the wool combinations she’s planning on using.  You can see the blue and purple or Tanzanite locks in the lower right corner.  And she’s already spun two of the purples, one mixed with white, but she still has to spin the green roving.

I’m already thinking African violets and lilacs.

In the bottom photo, you can see Suzy’s next shawl on her knitting needles in process.  The handspun yarn has so much character and adds a texture you can’t get with machine-spun yarn.  Notice the light blue locks.  They look like they’re spun into the white wool.  I’ll have to ask Suzy if that’s correct or if she knits them in.

Now I’m trying to imagine what each of these shawls will look like.

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