Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 11/1/21

Maybe six years is long enough for my Monday Morning Videos.  I seem to keep forgetting to put them up in the morning. Maybe there’s a  message in that.  But at least I  remember to take the video….

14 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 11/1/21

  1. I am appointing myself Official Dispenser of Permission. You now have Official Permission to post, or not to post, anything at all, at any time at all, at any hour on any day of the week. Except Saturdays, which are Maria’s Official Day Off. However, and this is A Big However, you do NOT have Permission to Stop Posting Altogether. As Official Dispenser of Permission, I trust you to exercise Your Utmost Discretion and abide by both the spirit and letter of these Permissions. Furthermore, I sayeth not.

  2. Don’t stop.They are very enjoyable.Was a little worried last week when I didn’t see one. Totally look forward to these.

  3. I always look forward to your “Monday Morning videos”.
    I would miss watching them……
    I hope you choose to keep making them, Maria.
    I find comfort in the routines, I create for myself.
    Have a nice day. ❤


  4. Please don’t stop your Monday morning videos. They’re wonderful, and show us your animals and your farm and your woods and the weather in your area. They start the week off beautifully. (Please?) (And thanks.)

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