Two More Quilts For Bishop Maginn

I got two more quilts ready for the families of Bishop Maginn High School.  I have four in all.

I made these from unused quilt tops that people have given me.   These are quilts that people have made and never turned into actual blankets.  Carolyn supplied the sheets I used for the backing and many of you helped with buying the batting.

A few weeks ago I sent Sue Silverstein a check for $153, to buy art supplies for her classroom. This was the donated money left over after I bought the batting.  I’ll buy back the rest of the batting that I didn’t use and give Sue a check for that as well.

I thought I’d be able to put together six quilts, but when I got a closer look at the quilt tops I was planning to use, two of the six were not in good condition.  I’ll cut those up and use them in my own work.

The plan is to bring Sue the quilts and some of her students how to tack them with yarn. Then they’ll be given to some of the families that need them.

And now is the time they really do need them.  As Jon has been writing on his blog, Afghan refugees have come to Albany and most of them have only the clothes they were wearing.

With the cold weather, the social workers have told Sue that they need new bathroom rugs, lots of towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, and comforters.  So if you’d like to help you can send any of these things (Please make sure they are new) to Sue Silverstein, Bishop Maginn High School, 75 Park Avenue,  Albany, N.Y., 12202.

Jon and I are going to visit Sue at Bishop Maginn on Wednesday.  I’m not sure if I’ll be bringing her the quilts this week, but if not it will be soon.

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