One More Quilt For Bishop Maginn

The quilt top that Jill sent after I put it together with batting and backing.

This afternoon  Jon and I drove to Joann Fabric in Glens Falls to get sewing needles to tack the quilts I’m bringing to Bishop Maginn tomorrow.

Sue Silverstein assured me that she has some students who love to sew and will be eager to learn how to tack the quilts.  I’m looking forward to going tomorrow and showing them how to do it.

When we got home from getting the needles, I went through one of the boxes of fabric that Jill sent me.  In the bottom, I found a quilt top.  Like the others, it had never been made into a quilt.  It had a couple of tears in it but they were in places where I could just cut the quilt and sew it back together again.

So this evening I put together one more quilt.  I have a feeling I’ll come across another quilt top at some point and be able to use up the rest of the batting.  Then  I’ll bring it to the kids in Sue’s class and they’ll know how to finish it off.

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