Purple Cloud, Suzy’s Mohair Shawl… Sold

Purple Cloud is 64z’x19″.  It’s $150. + $10 shipping you can buy it here.

“Purple Cloud”, it’s those little tufts of soft pale blue locks that made Suzy’s husband Joe think of clouds.  After that, I couldn’t see Suzy’s latest shawl any other way.

She also knit a string of turquoise into the purple angora wool.  This adds extra texture and makes for more subtle hues.

Washed in a natural rinse, Suzy’s angora shawl is soft and comfortable, and at the same time elegant.

The wool comes from her goats Lucy, April, Ruth, Alice and Larry.  You may want to watch the video of them she sent me, it’s pretty popular on Youtube with over a thousand views.

Suzy works on her shawls, hand spinning the wool then hand knitting them, all year long.  We’ve already sold seven or eight of them, some even before she finished them.  Suzy just finished knitting  Purple Cloud this week and I don’t think she’ll have time to make many more shawls this season.

I posted Purple Cloud in my Etsy Shop yesterday evening but didn’t have a chance to put it up on my blog before we met friends for dinner and went to see a play of Shirley Jackson’s novel “The Haunting of Hill House” at the  Old Castle Theater in Bennington Vermont.  I did email Lisa who expressed an interest in Suzy’s shawls before leaving.

When we got home Purple Cloud was sold.

Purple Cloud is 64″ x 19″.  It’s   $150.  + $10 shipping and is sold. You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

Purple Cloud
A detail of the pale blue locks.

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