Today Potholders, Tonight Bellydancing

Blue Birds in the Winter Potholders that  I designed last night.

“Looks like you may be having a private lesson tonight” my Bellydancing teacher Julz texted me.

That means everyone else can’t make it to class.  In my other life I would have asked if she wanted to cancel the class, but I know better.  We figured out ways to dance through the Covid Shut Down, we’re not going to stop now just because I’ll be the only student tonight.

Julz told me to think of stuff I wanted to work on and songs I want to dance to.  Everything, is the first thing that comes to mind,  but with a little thought,  I can break it down and be more specific.

So I’m closing down a little early today to do my Bellydancing homework before class tonight.

Here are the potholders I made last night and this morning….

Close up of the little blues birds.  I received these little rectangles with the bluebirds and the brown on top and bottom in the mail.  I think it was Nancy who sent them, but I’m not positive….
I designed the potholders above and below today.


4 thoughts on “Today Potholders, Tonight Bellydancing

  1. Loved your work for a long time. Many thanks.

    Really liked the top left potholder in the very first row – two red stripes. A treat.

  2. Maria, if it’s available, may I purchase the top right one of the Blue Birds in Winter – blue bird between the red columns, please?

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