Channel 10 News At Bishop Maginn. Paris And Hser Nay Tacking Quilts

If you click on the link above it will take you to a News Channel 10 piece on Bishop Maginn High School and the help they and the Army Of Good are giving to the Afghan Refugees that are coming to Albany.  You’ll also see Sue Silverstein,  Paris and Hser Nay in it.  Paris and Hser Nay are tacking one of the quilts that will go to some of the refugee families.  Hser Nay talks about knowing how it feels to be a refugee needing help.

Thanks to Theresa for sending the link.


4 thoughts on “Channel 10 News At Bishop Maginn. Paris And Hser Nay Tacking Quilts

  1. It’s nice to see Sue and the students at BMHS get credit for all their hard work helping get things ready for the refugees coming to Albany. Those of us who follow you and Jon’s blogs know what the Army of Good is. (Yes, I recognized my mentee in the piece.)

  2. Maria,
    I was not able to find the link to the story. When you have a chance, will you post it again or send it to me. I am so in awe of the work and creativity and love of what you, Jin, and the AOG continue us to do!
    in peace and deep gratitude, Carol

    1. Carol, I try sending it to you. I think sometimes these kinds of links are limited in how long they stay up. Thanks for your good words and for asking.

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