Recovery Journal. Happy Ending

Oh, yes, I was happy that Jon was out getting pizza and making it special by cooking up some lobster that we had in the freezer to put on top of it.  Jon cooking again definitely makes me happy.   But I was really happy because Jon went to his foot surgeon today and found out that his toe, is all healed.

It’s been at least 8 months that I’ve been changing a bandage on Jon’s toe every morning, thinking it was healing, hoping it was healing, only to find that it wasn’t healing at all.

But today was the ending to all of that as well as the surgery that kept Jon off his feet for much longer than we expected.   His doctor declared success.  And when we got home and I pulled off Jon’s sock, I saw his toe as I haven’t seen it in almost a year.  Without a wound on it anywhere.

So while Jon was out getting the pizza, I threw together this little Happy Toe collage card.  Then, in keeping with the Recovery Journal,  I added “The End” onto it.

The End

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