Tacking “Goddess Of The Hunt”

Tacking “GoddessOf The Hunt”

The wind is tossing around the tall reeds outside the car window. I’m bundled up inside waiting for Jon who has an appointment with his eye surgeon.

I have plenty to do. Take a walk, check my email, do a drawing and blog on my iphone.

Jons appointment can take an hour or three depending on how busy they are and how many tests they do and the results.

Jon keeps me updated texting me when he can.

This morning after dropping all my magnets and potholders off at the post office I tacked my “Goddess of the Hunt” quilt with blue yarn. I was able to get it all done so tomorrow I’ll mail it out to its new home.

It always feels good to finish up a quilt, especially when I know it already has a home to go to. It’s very satisfying knowing I have created something that someone else wants to live with.

And now I get to start thinking about whatever comes next.

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