“Goddess Of The Hunt” Goes Home

Goddess of The Hunt

I brought the quilt into the house and, as I always do, laid it out on the bed in our guestroom.  Conveniently it’s also my shipping office so I don’t have far to go after I trim the loose threads and run a lint roller over it before I put it in a box and print out a shipping label.

This is my final look at the quilt to make sure that everything is just right. The quilt’s name, with my initials and the date, are stitched in the bottom right corner.

I folded “Goddess Of The Hunt” and put it in a plastic bag with a thank you postcard to Jenn, and my business card.  Then it all goes into a box.

The shipping costs have been eased somewhat since Pirate Ship, the company I get my mailing labels from (they are less expensive than USPS), started offering shipping through UPS.  It does mean a trip into Greenwhich, which is a half hour round trip to mail it at CVS.  But I’m happy to do it, since it saves so much in shipping.  And it’s a pretty ride like most around here.

Before the pharmacies became drop-off centers for Fed Ex and UPS, it would have been an hour trip one way to drop off a package. So I’m grateful for it.

I do like the way Goddess Of The Hunt looks on a bed.  Carol Conklin’s tree fabric on the bottom shows up so well and anchors the quilt in a very earthy way. The rest of the quilt is divided up nicely on the flat surface too.

Jenn, who is buying the quilt said it’s for her husband.  She bought my quilt  “A Gentle Place” which has a similar look and also has Jon’s old Chamois shirts in it and Carol’s Batiks.

They do make a good pair. And now they each have a quilt of their own.

Check out Carol’s Etsy Shop Amity Farm Batik, She not only has her original batiks for sale, but all kinds of things made from prints of her work, including clothing, housewares, and fabric.  Lot of good shopping for the holidays and you’ll be supporting a wonderful artist and person. Just click here. 


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