Suzy’s Latest Shawl. This One Is Already Sold.

Suzy’s latest Shawl. It’s already sold

If it weren’t already sold, I texted Suzy, I’d call it Violet.  Because that’s just what the mix of  lavender, purple and green reminded me of. ( I also love the locks of lavender spun into the green.)

Suzy made this shawl for someone who asked about when they saw the picture I posted of the balls of hand-spun yarn she was planning to use.

Then Suzy let me know she was making another shawl for me to sell on my blog.  This one will be a natural brown and white with a bit of the same green mixed in.  I can’t say I can picture it, but I think I have a sense of the feeling it will convey. Warm and woodsy is what comes to mind.

I can’t wait to see it.

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