Debbie’s Quilt, The Last One For Bishop Maginn

Debbie’s quilt

Debbie’s quilt is the last of the quilt tops that the kids at Bishop Maginn will be tacking.  Sue said they spend time after school taking the quilts and learning to sew on the new sewing machines.

Debbie’s quilt is 50 years in the making. She began started sewing the applique design and when she knew she wasn’t going to finish it, got some help from a friend who was a quiltmaker.  But that’s as far as it went, the quilt top sat in storage for years. Until now, when it has been reawakened and will not only help keep an Afghan Refugee warm this winter but bring a little beauty into their lives also.

Jon and I will bring Debbie’s quilt to Bishop Maginn this morning.  We’re going to help fill some of the Thanksgiving baskets that so many of you helped buy the food for (thank you!)  then I’ll teach another sewing class.

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