Sewing Class At Bishop Maginn

Tajon,(?),me, Floasade, and Dah Blue learning how to sew at Bishop Maginn today.   Photo by Jon Katz

There were three new students who wanted to learn to sew this week, Tajon, Floasade, and Dah Blue. They learned while other students in Sue Silverstein’s class filled up bags of Thanksgiving food to give out to refugee families. Much of the food was donated by many of you in the Army of Good.

The kids were so impressive in how they learned and how they helped each other.  A half-hour into the class, Jayla and Paris and Hser Nay, who learned to sew last week, showed up to do some more sewing and help out too.

Jon and I got home just as it was time to feed the animals and soon I’ll be heading out to my belly dancing class. I’ll write more about what happened today, but it will have to wait till tomorrow.


The printed fabric that Sue’s class made and sewed into a pillow for the Bishop.

The students in Sue’s class are already putting their new sewing skills and machines to work. This past week, Sue and her students created a print on fabric and made it into a pillow for the Bishop from their church who is sick.

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