A Full Day


I put my sweater on over my nightshirt and slipped my feet into my boots. I was doing my morning rounds of picking up dog poop as each dog squatted.  And I didn’t mind one bit. It was so warm out, it even smelled like a spring day.

I knew I wouldn’t get to my studio today, and blogging would have to wait till the evening.

Barbara and Sarah were coming over to help me move the last of the gravel in the barnyard at 9am, then I was working my monthly shift at the Cambridge Co-op.  There would only be time enough in between for me to do my shipping. When I got home from the Co-op I’d feed the animals then follow Jon to Bennington where he had to drop off his car at the dealer to be serviced.

The day after Barbara, Sarah and I filled the pole barn with a layer of gravel last week,  it rained so hard I was able to see where else the water was pooling so this time I knew which areas needed filling in.

Once again Barbara raked the gravel while Sarah and I filled up the wheelbarrow and dumped it around the water bucket and gate, then outside the pole barn.  After that there was still so much gravel left, we put another layer inside the pole barn.  It took us about two hours with a break of chips and Mountain Dew that Jon brought for the girls.

Sarah was intrigued by Fate, and soon was telling her to “get the sheep” and to “lay down”.  After a while, Fate gave up on me and looked to Sarah for instructions.

Sarah said she liked goats better than sheep. Then she told a story about once when she was moving firewood one of her goats followed her into the house. After that she tied the goat to the wheelbarrow she was using to move the wood and the goat came along with her like a dog would.

I couldn’t help thinking how yesterday I was teaching kids, some refugees,  who lived in the city and now I was doing farm work with two kids who didn’t even know what a refugee was.

Tajon, Dah Blue, and Folasade wanted to learn as much as Barbara and Sarah wanted to work. They are two very different worlds, yet, for me, the feeling was the same. We were working together to get something accomplished.  And we did.

I enjoyed them both equally.

I’ve been around a lot more people in the past two days than I’m used to.  So I’m looking forward to some quiet time in my studio tomorrow. It’s supposed to get cold again, but that’s okay with me.  I feel ready for the winter this year.  I have a new pair of boots, and the animals have a thick bed of gravel in the barn.

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