Signs Of Winter

Merricat, Socks and Lulu eating the chicken bedding hay.

Two more chickens in the coop, especially this time of year when they spend more time inside than out, makes for a lot  more chicken poop.  I have to clean out the coop every other day and refill their food every day now. The good part is that chicken poop is good fertilizer so I deposit  it  into one of my gardens then throw the old bedding hay into the barnyard for the donkeys and sheep to eat.

Kitty and Anne are laying eggs every few days.  They’re still small and, as most fresh eggs are, very tasty.  Brown Hen goes into the coop before the others when it starts to get dark.  I’ll see the White Hen, Kitty and Anne, still pecking around outside and Brown Hen will already be on the roost.

This morning Matt, our farrier came to trim Fanny and Lulu hooves.  They love when he comes, Fanny can’t get close enough to him, putting her face next to his as he trim’s Lulu hooves.

Their hooves had grown a lot since his last visit which wasn’t long ago.  Matt said that the grass was so green for so long it went right to the animals feet.

That’s another thing that’s done for the winter.  Fanny and Lulu already have a nice shaggy coat and the sheep who were shorn have a good layer of wool on them.

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