Winterberry Bush

The Winterberry bush this summer

In the summer the winterberry bush in the back pasture almost got lost in all the other green around it.  It was, of course, al the bright red berries that got my attention.

But the flowers in the garden were blooming, I had so many red dahlia’s, I could fill the house with them.  The Winterberry bush was lush, but so was everything around it.  When I looked it up to see if there were any purposes for it beside being beautiful, I found that the berries were food for the birds, but no other uses for us humans.

I thought of the winterberry again this morning as I put the last little bouquet of marigolds that I had in the bathroom in the compost.  I kept them even as they drooped, not wanting to give up on them.

But this morning their color had faded to the point where they just looked like dead flowers.

So after feeding the animals, I took a walk to the back pasture and found the winterberry bush.  The leaves were all gone and many of the berries too.  I found a couple branches just the right size for the little glass inkwell that holds the flowers in the bathroom.  I also picked a small sprig of Rosa Multiflora and white pine.

Now, thanks the the trees and bushes that grow around the farm,  I have my winter bouquet in the bathroom.

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  1. What a wonderful photographer you are, as well an a fiber artist—the rich red color of these berries shows so clearly in this photo. Thanks for the brightness, Maria. I wish that you, Jon and all creatures on Bedlam Farm have a warm, peaceful Thanksgiving.

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