Kitty And Anne’s First Snow

It’s our first snow of the season and Kitty and Anne’s first snow of their life. I’m not sure what they make of it, they actually don’t seem to notice anything different than usual.

2 thoughts on “Kitty And Anne’s First Snow

  1. Whoa there!
    I had pet chickens for years back when and it seems to me that yours are extremely aware of the snow–watch how they paused and with upward glances. Sorry–not criticism just a comment. It is probably more obvious from your little film clip.Take care of yourself Maria, your blog is on my little list now of go to every morning.

    1. I’ll have to look at it again Erika. I was noticing before I took the video how the hens didn’t seem to be acting any different than usual with the snow falling. They were however very interested in the new bird seed I had put in the feeder. 🙂

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