This Summer’s Bedlam Farm Wool

The frist is Robin’s Bulky black yarn.  The rest of the yarn is 3 ply worsted.  Constance’s black yarn is on the end, and the gray between the blue and lavender is Lori and Suzy’s.  The rest is from my white sheep, Merricat, Liam and Kim. I’ll be putting it all up for sale in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

I lay on my back in bed, four giant purple eggs on either side of me.  One next to each arm, where I got my covid booster and Flu shot, the other two by my feet.

The eggs vanished when I woke up, but the pain they seemed to be pinpointing was still there. My whole body ached, including my skin, but the parts where I have arthritis, my feet, and wrist, hurt even more.  It didn’t make for a restful night, but at least I knew it was just the effects of the covid booster.  That it wouldn’t last long.

And it didn’t, the next day I was tired and my body still ached a bit, but not so much that I couldn’t make the trip to Vermont to get my wool.  It’s true that Jon drove most of the way and when I got home I did little more than sleep and read Louise Erdrich’s new book The Sentence.

(It’s about a book store run by Native American women and haunted by a former customer. I’m guessing there are a few people reading this that the book might appeal to as much as it does to me.)

But today I’m feeling myself again.  I have emails out to the people on my wool list.  They get first choice.  (To get on my wool list all you have to do is email me and ask)  They’re usually good at getting back to me quickly, so I’ll be putting the wool that is still available up for sale in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

I knew I was going to have a lot of black wool this time so I dyed the white wool colors that I thought would go nicely with the blacks and gray.  Constance gave me 14 skeins of black wool, that’s a lot from one sheep. I made Robin’s first wool into bulky yarn, instead of 3 ply worsted because a faithful buyer of my wool asked if I could and I thought it a good idea.

I also got 33 oz of roving, which will make 33 dryer balls.  I’ll be working on them this week.

Each skein of yarn is 200 yards and they’re $27 each + shipping.  My Dryer Balls are 3 for $15 +$7 shipping. You can also email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in any of the yarn or my dryer balls.

That’s Liam looking at the camera, to his left is Kim, Issachar,Constance, Robin, Suzy, Lori, and  Asher next to Liam again.  Pumpkin and Biddy are in the back and that’s Merricat and just a bit of Socks at the other feeder. 

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