Me feeding the donkeys and sheep.    Photo by Jon Katz

I took portraits of the sheep whose wool I had made into yarn this fall.  I posted them in my Etsy Shop with pictures of their wool.  But I sold most of the wool before I got to post the portraits on my blog.  So here they are.

I still have black wool from Constance and Gray wool from Laurie and Suzy available in my Etsy Shop.  You can see them and buy them here. 


4 thoughts on “Sheep…Wool

  1. Maria, the sheep are just beautiful. Do they need extra feed and grain in winter? What about the dogs? Does Bud get lesser good than the others? Does Fate need more because she chases the sheep? Thank you.

    1. Eileen the sheep get grain when it’s very cold out and they also get second cut hay when it’s cold which is more nutritious. If they had grain all the time they’d be overweight. And Fate and Bud are in good shape weightwise. Right where they should be, says Dr Fariello..

  2. As usual, I love the sheep portraits. As I scrolled down, I guessed each name correctly.
    Then why can I never tell Fanny and Lulu apart ??

    1. Ah good for you Larua, That’s not easy to do. Kind of a fun game in a way. I’ll have to take portraits of Fanny and Lulu and put them up together then you’ll be able to see the difference between them too.

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