Our Table

Jon with Bud, at our table

“Uck,” I grumbled, “the tables a mess again.”

Jon looked at the table, then at me. “It’s our table,” he said.

And in that moment, I saw our  dining room table with all the piles of “stuff” on it as something very sweet. Something that Jon and I had created.  Something we would continue to re-create each time I cleaned it up and we built up those little piles again and again.

As we were eating breakfast this morning I glanced over at one of those piles, one of my piles, and thought how it was in a way, a portrait of me.  So I took a picture of it.

The little orange purse has my macro and fisheye lens in it.

Then I walked around the table taking pictures of all the little piles that I found interesting.   The last one was a picture of the pile of stuff next to where Jon sits.

Jon wrote today how clutter is his natural environment and asked if clutter can be beautiful.  His answer: “My philosophy is that anything can be beautiful if it looks beautiful to the photographer.”

Today I too found beauty in our clutter. And in the next few days, I’m sure to clean off the table and see beauty in its simplicity.  For a little while anyway.

Jon’s pile portrait


2 thoughts on “Our Table

  1. I have a clutter corner around my recliner which I have always disparaged but now I can see it as a portrait of me, too. So, thank you.

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