Pennsylvania Dutch Artemis And Cowboy Potholders

There she was again, Diana/ Artemis.  This time she appeared on a piece of fabric from that same 1960’s quilt top that I made my Dog Potholders and “Little Friends” Potholders from.  (I’ll be putting them up for sale in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.)

She’s probably a Pennsylvania Dutch woman, but she looks a lot like some of the drawings of Ancient Goddesses I’ve seen. And she’s surrounded by all those zig-zag symbols for water too.

I was able to design four potholders using the Diana/Artemis fabric then moved on to the Cowboys…

Cowboy Potholders

After that I found two more images to make potholders from….

Theater Lobby and Two Women and A Man

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Dutch Artemis And Cowboy Potholders

  1. Hi Maria:

    Maybe it’s because I’m part Swedish, but I immediately thought of St. Lucia’s day, when a girl in the family wears a wreath crown with lit candles. Of course, the things she’s holding doesn’t quite equate. I suppose we see what we are familiar with.

  2. I don’t know that she holds candles, I just know about the wreath with candles. Plus, for some reason, the fabric seemed to say Swedish to me.

    1. I checked her out. Like many of our goddesses and saints she has slightly different stories depending on what country she’s celebrated in. But in all she does wear candles on her head.

  3. Is the cowboy boots potholder sold? If not I should like to buy it for my Texan husband.
    He is in love with our “there are better things to do then the dishes” magnet, on our refrigerator– he insists on packing/unpacking the dishwasher. 1) he prefers the way he packs it and 2) to save my back –I’m not sure which comes first.

    1. Ha! we all have our ways of having a little control over things. I can see myself in your husbands dishwashing. I’m sorry The boots are sold. But thanks for asking Erika. 🙂

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