My “Little Friends” Potholders For Sale

Detail of my Little Friends Potholder “Dog Walking”. For sale in my Etsy Shop.

My “Little Friends Potholders” are made with fabric from a vintage 1960s quilt top. One square of the quilt had all these pairs of people on them. I cut them out and using more fabric from the same vintage quilt, made these potholders.

It’s the same quilt top that I used to make my Dog Potholders that I sold last week.   The fabric speaks of the time the quilt was made.  But these little friends, the relationship between the couples, seem timeless.

When I ran out of “Little Friends” I used a couple of jeans pockets that I had removed from their pants when I was making my November Snow quilt. I like that little wave of a line the stitches made. Like a hill or water.

You can see all of my “Little Friends” Potholders up close in my Etsy Shop. They’re $20 each + $5 shipping for one or more. Just click here.

I also have a few skeins of Bedlam Farm Wool still available and my magnets which are on sale for $1 each.


Walking Dogs Together
Walking With My Baby Potholder
All my “Little Friends” Potholders and my Denim Wave Potholders, 

2 thoughts on “My “Little Friends” Potholders For Sale

  1. I love how no fabric is wasted. The jean pockets are splendid. Would you ever consider teaching an online class or tutorial on beginning quilt making?

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