Dryer Balls And Ginger Bread


Making dryer balls with Suzy and Laurie’s roving. You can see some off the dryer balls tied off in the socks upfront.

I finally got to make the dryer balls today.  I have a lot of orders for them, so I’ll get them ready for the mail tomorrow after we get back from Bishop Maginn, and in the mail by Wednesday.

We’ll be finishing up making potholders at Bishop Maginn tomorrow if all goes as planned.  The sewing cart hasn’t come yet, but I did get a bin for the fabric and some pincushions and a pin magnet.

This morning Jon and I went to The Mansion to help rescue a gingerbread house that Jon tried to put together yesterday.   He wrote about it on his blog, it was a bit of a disaster.   We had to scrape off a lot of the “glue” icing but between me, Tania, and Claudia, we got it together.  Hopefully it didn’t fall apart after we left.

Tania, (Nancy in the background) Claudia and me working on the gingerbread house.




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