Christmas Potholders At Bishop Maginn

Hser Nay with her Christmas Potholder

A few weeks ago someone sent me Christmas fabric for the students at Bishop Maginn to work with.  None of them showed any interest in it till today.

Today everyone wanted to make a Christmas Potholder.  With a few weeks of experience,  most of them were able to get a potholder done in one day.    I could really see how much they had learned.

Camela, the student who knew how to thread a sewing machine, but not sew, was back.  She had her potholder all pinned together and ready to sew, but decided she wanted to use Christmas fabric instead. So she began again, getting good practice in piecing it toghere.  She did a great job sewing it on the machine and when it came time for her to sew the opening closed by hand, Natalia helped her.

Camila and Natalia.

Natalia was so uncertain when she first started sewing three weeks ago.  Now she’s showing other students what to do.  She said she’s going to give her potholder to her mother for Christmas.


This is the second potholder that Jayla finished.  All the students are still having a hard time making the hangers.  I’m thinking of a new way of showing them how to do it for the next class.

Today’s sewing class

When I got to Sue’s classroom, the sewing cart that Jon ordered was there. One of Sue’s students put it together and organized all the sewing tools in the drawers.  All the potholders in process were in one draw so it made it easy for everyone to find their work from the week before.

I’m going to try to get some loose balsam for the next class to make small sachets.  It should be something we can make quickly as a last-minute Christmas gift for those who want to make them.

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