BellyDancing, I’m Not So Bad After All

Getting ready to dance

“It happens all the time, to all of us, ” Julz said. ” If you don’t dance spectacularly, you think you danced horribly.”  Both she and Kathleen had stories about the many performances they had where they thought they didn’t dance well only to watch a video of it the next day and see it wasn’t so bad.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

Yesterday in class we watched a video of the dancing we did at the Hafla. I was truly surprised at what I saw. I wasn’t awful at all. I could see my mistakes, but I could also see the things that worked and how I’d improved.

I loved hearing that what I was feeling was perfectly natural.  Something the other women in my class felt often.

After watching the videos, we all danced.  It was the most fun I’ve ever had dancing in class.  I was relaxed and ok with my mistakes, knowing it’s all part of learning.

There are no classes for the next two weeks.   I feel like something is changing inside of me.  A new understanding of what I’m really capable of.  I don’t quite understand it all yet, but I’m going to think about it over the next two weeks.  Maybe I’ll be bringing a new awareness to our first class of the new year.

4 thoughts on “BellyDancing, I’m Not So Bad After All

  1. I’m the same when it comes to my piano and violin playing. The more I am in my head, the worse I play. Fingers stumble, I hesitate, I second-guess. The best I play is when i first sit down and play a familiar piece. Then I am in the music. The second time I play it, my brain is panicking trying to be perfect.

    1. That’s it Laurie! I did just that at our Hafla. We did one practice dance and it went really well, then I was trying to perfect the one we were videoing and….:)

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