Friday Night Slow Down

My Vintage Quilt Potholders

I started tacking my November Snow Quilt today after finishing up the Pothodlers I started last week.

Usually I’d have taken pictures of them all and posted them in my Etsy Shop.  But it’s too close to Christmas to guarantee that they’d get anyplace in time for Christmas and I imagine that’s what most people have on their minds this week when thinking of buying something.

So I’ll get them in my Esty Shop over the weekend.

I’m planning on coming back to my studio after dinner and hopefully finishing tacking my quilt.  But it can wait till Monday too.

I can feel myself slowing down even more.  Next week I’ll be taking it a little easier.  I’d like to work on something new, experiment with something different.  I have some ideas, but I’m superstitious about talking about them.  As if they’ll get all used up if I do. I’ve also been known to talk myself out of a new idea when I imagine it too completely.

Jon and I are preparing for the snow that’s coming tomorrow.  Not too much but enough to keep us busy shoveling.  On Sunday we have plans to see the new Guillermo del Toro movie Nightmare Alley. 

Now it’s 6:00 and dark even with the full moon is rising over my studio. I’ll take a picture of her and text it to Suzy, who just may be spinning wool for her next shawl.

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