A Little Miracle In The Orphaned Woods

Yesterday afternoon, as the snow fell around us, Fate and Zinnia and I went for a walk in The Orphaned Woods.

It was our first one after more than a month of avoiding ticks and hunting season.  The dogs seemed to be as happy to be back as I was. They ran ahead digging their noses into the snow and picking up animal trails.  Zinnia splashed through the little creek that Fate jumped over.

I kept my eyes wide, nodding at the trees I hadn’t seen in so long and looking for what was new.

Small trees and branches had fallen on the path obscuring it at points,  but the tall weeds that made it hard to walk through in the fall were now laying flat opening things up.

I saw the little miracle as we looped around the woods headed back to the farm.  Two dried leaves, hanging from a low plant, joined at their tips, as if holding hands, creating a circle that cradled a fluff of snow.

I took out my iPhone for the first time on that walk thanked the leaves and the snow and took a picture.

2 thoughts on “A Little Miracle In The Orphaned Woods

  1. Maria, I too said hello to the trees I hadn’t seen for several weeks at a nearby park. I’m glad I’m not the only one. What a magical circle of love you captured with your camera.

  2. I’m glad you went back, but just so you know (if you don’t already) ticks are active 35 degrees and up. Yes, you can get bitten in winter. Please take care.

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