The Joy Of Winter Woods

We were still in the woods when I heard Lulu bray.  She knew we were coming home.  By the time I got into the back pasture,  the sheep were already heading back to the barn, expecting hay.   Fate was close behind and Zinnia was swimming in the pond.

The wonderful thing about walking in the woods this time of year is that I can walk just about anywhere I want.  The low bushes are thin without leaves and the tall weeds are laid low. Even the thorny brambles don’t hold on as long when they catch me as I walk by.

At 2:30 the shadows were as blue as the sky and the sun blindingly low in the trees.

What a joy to be back in the woods.


7 thoughts on “The Joy Of Winter Woods

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photograph. Did you tell the animals precisely where to stand? Or are they such experienced subjects they just know how to arrange themselves for maximum impact?

  2. You really are a remarkable photographer! This is beautiful – could have been taken a hundred years ago even, with little difference. Just lovely!

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