The Orphaned Woods, Big and Small

It was right there just over the break in the stone wall that leads to The Orphaned Woods.  A small branch on the ground to the left of the footpath.  And on it was growing the most beautiful little mushrooms.  By little I mean a quarter inch for the bigger ones and the smaller ones, no more than a sixteenth of an inch.

But even being so small I could see how unique they were with all their soft lush folds and furry edges.

The two kinds of mushrooms were growing so close together I wondered if the smaller ones just hadn’t blossomed yet.

I still don’t know even after taking close-up pictures of both.  But they do have similarities. I can imagine them growing underwater.  They remind me of sea urchins or coral.

After finding the mushrooms, I followed Fate and Zinnia as they ran out of the woods and into the fields bordering the Orphaned Woods.  It was the exact opposite of these tiny mushrooms as the land opened up to low bushes, big sky, and long views.

One thought on “The Orphaned Woods, Big and Small

  1. a delicacy..such unusual mushrooms.. agree they look like urchins or coral.. but they also look as if they’re being served on rock salt…. they also look as if they are made of velvet and chenille. beautiful photographs, maria. of course the landscape with fate and zinnia is perfection!

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