Winter Solstice Bon Fire Thirty Second Meditation

5 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Bon Fire Thirty Second Meditation

  1. Perfect.
    Winter Solstice night is important to us–our families all came from countries that celebrate this night.
    Our contribution is that on this day we change our flowered dishes over for a blue and white set which we will use until the Spring solstice.
    The pot holders you made of the Texas Government woman politician one of clothing with pink sneakers and the other with a big pink sneaker, with the sewn words “Stand in your own pink shoes” hang in pride of place nearby. I look at them several times a day as I am in the kitchen and thank of this wonderful woman who filibustered hour after hour, even letting herself wet her pants, until the 98% male legislature got sick and tired of her and she prevented some lousy measure from being passed.

    1. That’s interesting about changing the dishes Erika.The change of seasons enter into everyday life that way. And thanks for the reminder of the pink sneakers and Wendy Davis. Needless to say I’ve been thinking of her more lately.

  2. I so appreciate everything you offer. You are living my earlier life. I’m too old to haul the hay, pick the eggs, walk the woods with the dogs. Thanks for taking me along. And you have a good eye and a better camera! Merry Winter Season!

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