I Think It’s Part Of A Pine Cone….


Looks to me like an animal face this close-up.

I think it’s a part of a pinecone, but I’m still not sure.  They’re tiny, not more than  1/16 of an inch.   I saw them scattered on the snow under a pine tree when I was walking in the woods.

I imagine they’re the leftovers, the stuff that falls to the ground when a squirrel or some other animal is sitting high in a tree munching on the edible parts of a pine cone.  I liked the shape and thought I could use it in the nature designs I’m creating.

That was a few days ago, but today, as I was ironing the Vintage Hankies, preparing them for Shibori Dying, I came across what looked like something very similar to what I found in the woods.

What I found on a hankie

Even shriveled with the top broken off, I recognized it right away.

What a strange thing to find on a hankie that’s been in a box under my worktable for years.  Too small to pick up, I touched my tongue to my finger and used the moisture to grasp it and move it from the hankie to my alter.

I’m not sure what to make of it.  I don’t really even know what it is.  So I took it as a sign that I was on the right path with my idea to Shibori dye the hankies.  I’ll also try to create one of my nature designs from it.

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