Morning Faces From The Farm

Kim was always my most skittish sheep.  And she still is, sometimes.  I think getting close has to be her idea.  If I approach her she moves away, but in the past year she’ll come right up to me, especially if I have food.   This morning she tried to take a bite out of my iPhone.

It was another cold morning, fitting for December.  Cold enough for Fate’s whiskers to get frosty from her breath after running around the sheep.

But as often happens on the coldest of days, the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  Lulu had a smile for me this morning.

One thought on “Morning Faces From The Farm

  1. The photo of Fate is stunning. The whole composition, especially that linear shadow above her eyes and the bar across her nose. But the eyes! Mesmerizing. Warm fire/ ice fire!

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