Waiting For Jon

I like to go with Jon when he goes to his eye doctor because he has a hard time driving after his eyes are dilated. Jon had an early appointment today so we left for Saratoga Springs just after breakfast.  As we drove I was thinking of something that happened this morning and knew I would write about it while I waited in the car for him.

When I’m blogging from my iPhone I  like to wait till I get home to go over the piece on my computer, where It’s easier to make corrections (I always have lots of corrections) and post from there.  Which is what I’ll be doing after finishing this.

Since Jon is eating very differently now, not dieting, but changing his diet and eating habits, we stopped at Hannaford after picking out new glasses for him at the optometrist’s. We filled our grocery cart with more fruits and vegetables than ever before.   Jon asked for my help in shopping and I was glad to go with him.

What I really appreciate about Jon and the way he eats is that no matter what he chooses to eat, he never expects me to eat like him.  So last night when he had barley and vegetable salad I had leftover pizza and a glass of wine.

After I finished blogging in the car, I did a quick drawing of what was right in front of me (the dashboard). Jon came out of his appointment before I was able to finish, but I added the words and glasses at the top while he was trying on his new glasses (which look really good on him).

We got home just before feeding time.  Fanny and Lulu reminded us with big brays as if we’d forget when we got out of the car.  There is  just enough time to feed everyone, unpack the groceries and blog before Bellydancing tonight.

It’s my first class after two weeks off for the holidays and for the first time, I’ll be joining the rest of the women in the level 3 class.  I’ll be learning the moves I’ve seen everyone else do before but have never tried myself.

It’s a good way to start the year.

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