One of my Shibori Hankies looks like a goddess’s face to me.  Here’s a video the rest of them….


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  1. Maria,
    Happy new year❣️
    I love the process into a sacred mystery of not knowing. I want to put my name on your list to purchase whatever unfolds. The pieces are calling to me..
    in peace and gratitude and magic, Carol

    1. I love that it’s the mystery that intrigues you Carol. It’s such an important part of creating, I sometimes lose track of it. You will have first choice with whatever they become. Thank you.

  2. the process of dying your hankies has been interesting to follow. Each one beautiful and different. I can’t wait to see how you will use them. The first photo, that you say reminds you of a goddesses face……to me looks like a distinct animal face……I can’t figure out (in my minds eye) if it looks like a possum? a rat? it is distinctly (to me) an animal that is trying to present itself and appear to you.
    Susan M

    1. Larua seems to agree with you Susan, she sees a mouse. I see some of those early goddess images that often have animal-like faces on them. I can see the opossum too.

  3. I love these hankies, Maria. I’m guessing you will make more than one thing from them.

    I see a mouse face in the top hankie, with ears and the hint of a whisker or too.

  4. I see a raccoon! The white lines frames her mask, the two circles her eyes, the little darker circle her nose on the end of the point, and the two farther circles her ears. Raccoons are also my favorite animal! I have a paw print painting done by one named Piper, she’s adorable!

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