A Shibori Hankie Scarf

The front and back of the scarf before sewing it together

Very interesting! Wonderful results. Not sure you realize how beautiful they really are…… Lynn commented on my blog.  And she was right.  It took me a few days before I could see that the  Shibori Hankies I made really did work out well.

Laura was also right when she wrote that I’d probably make more than one thing from them.

Making scarves was the first thing that came to mind when I decided to dye the hankies.  But  when I first took them out of the dye bath I was disappointed in them.  None of them looked to me like they’d make a complete pattern on their own.  It took some distance for me to really be able to see them.

That happened today as I pulled them off the drying line in my studio and put them in a pile on my desk. I was finally able to really see them.

I put them in two piles, one I thought of as “complete” designs that stood on their own.  The other pile had hankies I’d cut up and would only use certain parts of. Probably to make into a quilt or maybe a wall hanging.

As I looked through the “complete” pile, I could easily see them as scarves.

So I sewed 6 Shibori Hankies together that work well with each other and found a lightweight fabric for the back of it.

Then I started piecing together another one…

I didn’t sew this one together yes, but it will be a good place to pick up on Monday.

Carol left me a comment on my blog saying…I love the process into a sacred mystery of not knowing. I want to put my name on your list to purchase whatever unfolds. The pieces are calling to me..

So I’ll offer Carol one of these scarves first, as I told her I would.  Any I make after that I’ll sell in my Etsy Shop.

8 thoughts on “A Shibori Hankie Scarf

  1. These are beautiful> hope , too , to purchase , an amazing artist that is you!!!! I will be keeping an on your Etsy shop for the reveal , can you make another with the same backing as the first completed one

    1. THanks Diana, I’m not sure how many I will be able to make. And that is the last of the fabric I have from the backing of the first one. I can email you when I have more if you’d like.

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