Thirty Second Meditation. Bubble Dance

Ice melted from the roof of the car onto the window.  The drops created small streams stopping halfway down the window only to be absorbed and pushed further along when another drop of melted ice fell onto the window and slid down the same stream.

I sat watching the drops of water on the car window as Jon filled the tank with gas.  It was one of my moments of nothingness.  And it reminded me of how I loved to watch the water do much the same thing when I was a kid sitting in the back seat of the family car.

When it rained and the car was moving, it was as if the raindrops were in a race, as they absorbed each other and streamed diagonally across the window.

It’s that same kind of moment, though different, that drew me to take this video of the bubbles as they shifted and morphed on a quarter-sized hole in the ice in the small stream in the Orphaned Woods.

I used to think I was alone in my fascination of watching these formations of water.  But when you can connect to enough people as my blog allows me to do, I have found that there’s usually at least one person who lets me know they share my point of view or at least understand it.  And that’s only the people who see it and respond.

So I hope you enjoy the dance of the bubbles whether you’re a water watcher or not.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation. Bubble Dance

  1. Oh, another perfect little video.t
    I went to A A Milne’s poem “waiting at the Window” afterwards.
    These are my two drops of rain
    Waiting on the window pain
    I am waiting here to see
    Which of them the winner be

    It is a lovely, quite long poem and I still watch rain drops.

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