Four Shibori Hankie Scarves

Making Shibori Hankie Scarves

I worked on my Shibori Hankie Scarves today.

First I lay out the hankies that work well together then I find a backing for them. I like using a lightweight material, but the color and pattern have to work too. Small florals are a good juxtaposition to the bold Shibori designs.

I topstitch the hankies together, choosing the more decorative or interesting pattern for the top.  In the one above I chose to show the tatting (that hand-made lacy edge).

I sew the front to the back of the scarf leaving the ends open.

To finish off the ends,  I fold under the backing and topstitch over it all to show the edge of the hankie. Because the hankies are often off-square, the edge of the scarves is not quite even.  I like the imperfection of it.  The same way I like that my potholders and quilts aren’t ever quite square. 

The last thing I do is topstitch the edges of the scarf.

Because I dyed hankies instead of just plain fabric there are some interesting things that happen with the embroidery that is on the hankies.  In the scarf above,  on the second hankie from the bottom, you can see the ghost of the embroidered flowers that are on the top right of the hankie,  on the bottom left of the hankie.

The individual hankies are filled with little surprises like that.

I already have a few people who want my Shibori Hankie Scarves.  Once I have enough made for them, I’ll put some up for sale in my Etsy Shop.


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