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My too clean studio, means I’m not working in it. But you can see my Shibori Hankie Scarves draped over my quilt November Snow, onthe ironing board, and my Mother Mary patiently waiting to be worked on.  With Fate fast asleep in her little red bed.

I’m in my studio, but I don’t expect to get much work done today, other than blogging about my day.

My morning was taken up with doing extra farm chores to take care of Pumpkin, making phone calls to the vet, searching locally for glycerine to help stimulate Pumpkin’s appetite, and making a run to the Dollar Store to pick up some things our neighbors, The Millers, needed so they don’t have to take their horse and carriage into town on such a cold day. (They bundle up under blankets and hold big black umbrellas in front of them to block the wind.)

Ellen was supposed to come by and pick up November Snow, the quilt she bought before Christmas.  But she couldn’t get out of her ice-covered driveway.  It’s not the first time we had to cancel our meeting so she could get the quilt.  Last time a possible covid exposure altered our plans.

I was back into town after our Large Animal Vet, Jack Kittel came by to check out Pumpkin.  This time I picked up some molasses to pour over grain to try to temp Pumpkin to eat.  Soon I’ll be back outside to feed the animals and tonight I’ll be joining a Zoom Bellydancing Class instead of going in person.  So I’ll be dancing in my studio tonight, like the days of the shutdown.

Jon and I are trying to be as careful as we can right now.  We’re limiting where we go and who we see.   There are so many people we know, all vaccinated, who have come down with Covid. Fortunately, most of them aren’t getting very sick, but Jon is still at risk so we’re taking it seriously.

For now, we’re not going to Bishop Maginn or The Mansion.  I canceled a dentist appointment after I was told one of the dentists is sick.  And I canceled something I actually would like to do (unlike going to the dentist) a trip to the Clark Museum in Williamstown MA with my friend Emily.

I’m lucky all these things are not necessary and during times like these, I get to retreat to my studio and the woods.

I do hope to get the chance to take pictures of the scarves I made yesterday and contact the people who are interested in them.  I’m selling them for $75 each including shipping. A little more than my regular Hankie Scarves because of the Shibori dyeing.

Well…it must be 3pm,  because Fate just got out of her bed and laid her head on my lap.  Her way of telling me it’s time to feed the animals.

Fate talking to in one of the ways dogs do.

4 thoughts on “Not Really In My Studio

    1. I have electic baseboard heat Barbara. It’s works well except if it’ below zero for many days in a row and the sun doesn’t shine. I have four south facing windows too, so when the sun is out in the winter it make a big difference. In the summer, when the sun is higher in the sky, it doesn’t heat my studio up as much. Makes me appreciate how people used to build. My studio is an old school house, so it seems they knew what they were doing.

  1. Maria, if there are still scarves available, I would like to add my name to the list. If not, I have the comfort of knowing they are going to good homes.

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