A Break From The Cold


Pumpkin resting in the stall in the barn

In some ways, Pumpkin is better.  He has not regurgitated foam all day and he’s alert.  But I still see no evidence that he’s eating and he still seems uncomfortable to me.

Today I gave him some more sugar water and he licked some honey off my finger.  I’m continuing to give him Pepto Bismol and also gave him some baking soda and water.

It was 30 degrees today, so warm I didn’t need to wear my winter coat or gloves.  Ice was melting in the strong sun and I took advantage of the weather by cleaning out the chicken coop and taking a walk in the woods.

This evening I’ll drive Jon to the Sleep Lab in Saratoga where he’ll spend the night and they’ll get more information about how much he’s sleeping since getting his Sleep Apnea mask. As strange as it was at first,  Jon is now sleeping long and deep enough to remember his dreams, something he’s never done since I’ve known him.

Although he had a bad dream last night (he wrote about it on his blog) I believe all dreams have messages for us that we need to hear.  Sometimes they’re just impossible to decipher.

The Sleep Apnea mask has been so good for Jon in lots of ways, that I no longer see it as unusual, but something that makes life better.

I’ll pick Jon up in the morning.  He said he could drive himself, but this way I get to spend more time with him.  I have a feeling I’ll have two dogs in bed with me tonight, Zinnia and Bud.  I’d invite Fate, but she prefers to sleep downstairs.

Fate and the still frozen Gulley Bridge

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