Zoom Bellydancing Class In My Studio, Fully Alive

Bellydancing Class in my Studio last night.    Photo by Jon Katz

I continue to marvel at how good I always feel after my Bellydancing class. Not only am I less achy but my spirits and confidence are lifted.  And as much as I’d rather dance in person with the other women in my class, dancing alone in my studio, with everyone else on my computer screen has the same effect.

I didn’t see much of my teacher Julz because she was teaching three new students, which made me feel hopeful.  Because of Covid, we haven’t had any new dancers in a long time.

My teacher Kathleen has mastered teaching virtually.  And Emily who set up her computer so we could have a Zoom class was so generous and thoughtful about keeping me in the loop.  She moved the computer set up around more than once so I wouldn’t miss out on anything.

And even though it’s not perfect, I’m still dancing and learning for those two hours.

When I’m Bellydancing, I feel like I waking up muscles that have been dormant my whole life.  And for the first time, my body is fully alive.

Discussing how to do an Arabic Shimmy with Kathleen during  Zoom class.     Photo by Jon Katz

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