Zoom Collage Classes With Emily Gold

Emily makes the Appreciation Cards that Jon sends to people thanking them for donations to the Army of Good.  These are two of her new ones.  They give are a good example of what you can make in her Fauna Class.

My friend, the artist Emily Gold is giving two group Zoom Collage Classes this month.  I know there are a lot of creative people who read my blog so I thought I’d let you know.  It might be something you’d be interested in doing.

And I know Emily’s a good teacher and the classes are fun because I sat in on one that Jon took.

That class was in person at our dining room table, but I have no doubt that Emily’s Zoom classes are just as good.  I’ve heard from some of the people who have taken them,  how they were creatively inspired by them and also had a good time learning.

The classes are called Fauna and Flora.  Fauna focuses on making a collage animal and in the Flora class, you’ll make a plant or flower.

For her Fauna class Emily writes….I encourage students to come with ideas if they’d like, or to wait and be inspired in the moment. A picture of a favorite cat, dog, or bird is always a good starting place. And for the flora class…it can be helpful to have houseplants or flowers to work from, or pictures of favorite plants or flowers.

The classes are on January 23rd and 28th and they’re $40 each which you can pay in $10 installments or all at once. Click here for information 

So if you’ve ever wanted to try college or if you know you already like it, this is a good way to get started or get going again. It can also be a good gift to someone or a way of getting together with a friend during these Covid days.


Emily Gold made this bouquet, of flowers, which Jon gave me for Christmas.  A good example of what you might make in her Flora Class.


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