Counting Sheep

Issachar and Me

Every morning and afternoon, when I feed the donkeys and sheep, I count the sheep.  It’s not that I have so many sheep I can’t keep track of them, but even when there are only eleven sheep, one can be missing and I might not know.

It’s only happened twice that a sheep was missing (except when we first moved to the farm and all the sheep ran up Route 22 to a neighbors farm). One time Kim got her head stuck in the fence in the back pasture.  The other time was when Griselle was fading and confused and couldn’t find her way out of some bushes.

My flock is constantly changing. Last year Robin came unexpectedly and then there were 12 sheep.  We’re back down to eleven, for now anyway.

One thought on “Counting Sheep

  1. Sorry to read about Pumpkin after you tried so hard to help him get better. How wonderful to have been ‘his people’ for his whole life! Time to readjust your flock count for a sadder reason then the increase when Robin made his surprise appearance.
    The perspective of this picture really confused me – not just because its taken from below – but my mind was thinking the circle towards the base of Issachars ear was his other eye! I was just really struggling to work it out for a few minutes. Then I thought it must be a circular piece of wood shaving caught in his wool, and have finally worked out it’s the ‘stud’ portion of his ear tag, but I had to stare at it for so long to get there, weird how some images are just tricky to proccess.

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