Good Bye Pumpkin

Pumpkin this summer

Pumpkin was dead when I went into the barn this morning.  He was laying on his side his big yellow eye wide open. I knelt down next to him and touched his face and his long soft wool.

I am sad and I will miss him.

He was always a little wary of me, except when I had something he wanted to eat. He was as gentle as he was big.  He had the softest baa I’ve ever heard on a sheep. It was like a whisper.

Pumpkin was born on the farm in 2014.  His mother Socks had a hard time delivering him and Jon had to step in to help.  I wrote about it on my blog the day he was born….”At some point, Jon just went into the barn and put on a pair of long plastic gloves.  So calm he was, so confident as he started to gently pull the head of the lamb out of  Socks. Once his head was free, the rest of him slid out easily.”

Pumpkin was a sweet and timid lamb.  The opposite of Liam who was born the day before him.

But this past summer I saw a change in him.  Maybe he was taking over for Liam who was lame. More and more it would be Pumpkin leading the flock to the pastures to graze.

We won’t know exactly what happened to Pumpkin.  I am relieved that he’s not in pain anymore.

Our neighbor and handyman Mike came to take Pumpkin’s body.  He’ll put Pumpkin in the woods as is natural.  I imagine his long warm wool will line many nests.

Pumpkin and Liam during the spring.
Socks and Pumpkin when he was a lamb

17 thoughts on “Good Bye Pumpkin

  1. I’m sorry that you lost him Maria. I really enjoyed watching him be born, grow, and live with you, and I especially appreciated your posts this week as you cared for him when he was failing. I think I have some of his wool in a hat. I’ll keep in mind as he keeps my head warm these cold winter days. It’s a great thing that you helped me “know” him enough, that he can be remembered when I put on my hat everyday.

  2. Oh Maria and Jon, I am sorry Pumpkin didn’t make it. What a loving effort you made Maria. What a dear sheep and thank you for the helpful beautiful photos you shared. All the people who have some of his wool will treasure it more. He knew you loved him….

  3. Maria, I just got to work (Westwood (Los Angeles), and my heart plummeted. I feel as though I knew Pumpkin and loved him as much as you and Jon. Thank you for trying your best to help him. He was such a beautiful boy. You and Jon gave him a loving existence on this earth and I thank you.

  4. Sad, but I know you are a realist as well as an animal lover.
    I know in the natural cycle that his wool and all the rest will return to nature and be useful.
    His sweetness remains in your memory and heart.

  5. I pay attention to numbers I guess, and the 14 day birth and 14 day death..7 years old…2014 birth year…wonder what all those factors of 7 mean…jumped out at me.
    I love the thought of his wool lining nests. a beautiful life lived and passed in one well loved and loving place. it was a good life and he was strong and healthy until he wasn’t. you did a great job of keeping him comfortable. you were bonded in birth and in death. the sadness seems natural.

  6. Sorry to hear of Pumpkin’s death. I’ll always think of him as part of the gang whose wonderful portraits you took and shared with us. A nice remembrance for you to have.

  7. So sorry about Pumpkin. You did all you could; it was just Pumpkin’s time. He was a beautiful sheep and I know your memories of him will be good ones.

  8. So sorry to hear about Pumpkin. You gave him a good loving life. We should all be so lucky. Warm wishes to you and Jon.

  9. Oh Maria – I am so sorry you lost Pumpkin. Strange that when you posted your beautiful photo of Pumpkin & Biddie I found myself so attracted to the beauty of their expressive faces I shared it with my animal loving friends, who responded the same way I did. I’ll miss your wonderful Pumpkin stories❣️

  10. You were a comforting and competent presence to him in the end. I have a skein that has some of his wool that hangs on my entertainment center in my sight line. I enjoy that skein. He is the first sheep I will miss. Never before bonded with a sheep. Thank you for his story in pictures.

  11. I’m sorry to hear of Pumpkin’s death. He was a handsome guy, and the 2nd photo’s contrast of his dark face with Liam’s pale one against the background of greenery makes a nice portrait with his *crib* buddy.

  12. Maria, I trust the Vet was made aware that Pumpkin had ingested the pineapple top approximately four days before he started feeling poorly as a possible cause of the aggravation?

  13. I’m sorry Pumpkin died. You are a good farmer and care giver. He had a good life full of may joys because of you.

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