Pumpkin’s Wool

Kitty’s mitts made with Pumpkin’s wool

When my friend Kitty heard that Pumpkin died she sent me this picture of her wearing mitts made with Pumpkin’s wool.   Then I got a message from Trish saying she’d think of Pumpkin when she wore her hat made with some of his wool.

It made me smile to think about eight years of Pumpkin’s wool and all the gloves, hats, socks, sweaters, and scarves it’s a part of.

The next thing I thought was how dark Pumpkin’s wool used to be and how it’s changed over the years.  I didn’t shear him in the fall because his wool was too short, but the wool on his back when he died was a lovely soft gray.

Pumpkin taught me a lot.  He was the first lamb I ever saw being born.  He lived a good long life and even in his death, he taught me things about sheep and caring for them that I didn’t know.

Thanks for all your kind comments about Pumpkin. I find myself smiling when I think of him now.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin’s Wool

  1. We have so much to learn from all of the animals that we share this earth with and each one blesses us in their own unique way. Being remembered with a smile is the best legacy of all.
    Thinking of you and Jon today.

  2. He was a very handsome sheep. Sorry you lost him after all those efforts, but the memories will sustain you.

  3. Samantha and Jamie are staying warm this winter in the slippers made with Pumpkins wool. He will be keeping many of us warm for years to come. RIP Pumpkin❤️

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