Growing My Shibori Hankie Quilt

I can’t help noticing how similar the blues and whites in the Shibori hankies that I made are such winter colors.  I see them in the long shadows on both fresh and pitted snow, and gradations of freezing in the ice.

I grew my Shibori Hankie quilt to about 30″ x 30″ today.  I ran out of the blue linen, some of it coming from a hand-stitched sack that I cut apart.  You can still see some of the seams and fade marks in the pieces I used to surround the hankies pieces.

I think next I’ll use a different color blue and continue in the same way as I’ve been doing.

Tonight I’ll be Bellydancing in my studio again, a virtual class.  I hope to get back to class in person next week as things seem to be settling down after the holiday rise in covid cases. But I won’t make a decision on that till next week.

Now it’s time to feed the animals including filling up the birdfeeder, where there’s been plenty of activity all morning.

Detail from my quilt

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