A Good Day Working On My Shibori Hankie Quilt


I got some good work done on my Shibori Hankie Quilt today.  The color is off in the photo above, those corner pieces look yellow in this picture, but they’re more blue than that.

When I look at the photo below, (with more accurate colors) I think that I added some “snow.”  That’s what it looks like to me. Or maybe frost patterns on the morning window.

When I got to the top piece I couldn’t figure out the left corner. But I know I’ll get there.

Part of the creativity in the way I work is that when I run out of a certain fabric there’s no getting more.  So then I have to find something else that works. That process is also what makes me put colors and patterns together that I might not have otherwise.

I still have a way to go to finish the quilt, but I feel like I’ve got the momentum now and the rest will come quickly.

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