Owl Woman Postcards For Sale

Owl Woman Postcards for sale here. 

I haven’t made Potholders since last year.  I think that may be the longest stretch without making them.  I had been making them every week since September at least.  I’m getting the itch again, but I guess I needed a break.

I do still have some potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop. And a few more of my Dirty Dishes magnets along with the rest of my magnets all made from my fiber paintings.  Except for my Dirty Dishes magnets, my magnets are all on sale for $1 each.

And I have new Owl Woman Postcards.  You can read all about my Owl Woman here.  From when I first started creating her to making her into postcards.  The postcards are 4×6″ and a pack of 6 is $12 including shipping.

I’ll be putting a Thank you- Owl Woman postcard in with each order from my Etsy Shop. 

Below are some of the pieces I have for sale in my Etsy Shop, just click here to see them close up and/or buy them.

My art for sale in my Ets y Shop

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