Ducks At The Farm

The mallards flying over the farm

A flock of Mallards is spending time in the marsh at the farm.  They scare easily and fly off as soon as they hear the dogs or me.  But they come back after we’re gone.  I don’t know much about Mallards and how they migrate.

Maybe they’re just here for a little while.

2 thoughts on “Ducks At The Farm

  1. There are 2 small groups of Canada geese which arrive every Winter to the golf course behind our fence line. This Summer the golf association took down the post and rail fence rather than maintain it. I suggested that w build our section back on our yard but my husband likes the wide open appearance. I don’t; I guess I like boundaries. But anyway, it is amusing to watch both the geese and the local foxes meticulously pursuing the no longer there fence line!
    Right now we have flocks of blackbirds descending onto our back yard now and then as they fly on their way from the Delaware marshes back up to the Northern US and Canada. Our local birds miss out on their usual birdseed and fruit scraps –they are frightened right away, but we tell ourselves that these visitors need the handouts more , for their long journeying.

    1. Lovely stories of the wildlife in your back yard Erika. We have the blackbirds too, but they never come to the feeder.Maybe they find other things to eat in the woods and fields surrounding us. Enjoy watching them all and thanks for sharing!

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