Going To The Clark Museum


Merricat nibbled on my coat this morning letting me know it was time to eat and I should stop hanging around.  But I couldn’t help myself it’s warm, in the low twenties and I was enjoying just being with the sheep and donkeys. Lulu even let me rub her ears and Fanny presented me with her butt to scratch.

I won’t be going to my studio today. Emily and I are going to the Clark Museum in Williamstown MA.  I’m not sure what the temporary exhibits are, but they do have a very good permanent collection.  It’s a small enough museum that you can get close to the paintings and sculptures.  I haven’t been to a museum in a couple of years so I’m really hungry to see some art in person.

It will be fun to go with Emily too.  I’m interested to see which are her favorite pieces in the museum.

We’ll be wearing masks of course and will have to show proof of vaccination.  They also only let a certain amount of people in at a time.  But I doubt it will be crowded anyway this time of year on a Tuesday.

I’ll write about it all when I get home.

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