A Warm Cup Of Tea, All Day Long…

This time of year my cup of tea can turn cold by the time I walk the twenty feet from the back door of the house to my studio.

But that’s all in the past.

Today Jon gave me a cup warmer.  It’s like a little hot plate for my teacup. Put the cup on the warmer and it keeps it hot.  Take the cup off and the warmer automatically turns off. Now I won’t have suck down my tea before it gets cold.  And it can help keep me warm through the cold winter days.

These little additions to my studio make such a big difference in everyday life.

A few weeks ago I got a dush mop.  I don’t know why it took me ten years to figure out that a dust mop is something I should have to help keep my studio floor clean. It picks up all the threads and scraps of fabric better than a vacuum.  And then I just run it along the metal gate outside my door to clean it.  I don’t even have to step outside.

The other thing I recently got was a reusable lint brush.  I’ve been using the tape rollers, but this works even better on my worktable and I don’t have to keep buying refills.

Okay now I’m going to wrap my cold hands around my warm teacup…

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